1938Wilhelm Moser founds the sole proprietorship "W. Moser-Baer, Clock Factory, Sumiswald"
1944Establishment of autonomous staff pension fund
1945Jacques Bosshard takes over the production of clock systems with his company, J.Bosshard SA/AG in Lausanne and Zurich (exclusive distribution agreement for Switzerland and abroad)
1947The red disc-end second hand is added to the Swiss train station clock (developed by Moser-Baer, designed by Hans Hilfiker)
1972 - 1998Extensive factory expansions
1961The sole proprietorship is converted into the joint-stock company "Clock Factory W. Moser-Baer AG"
1974Corporate management of the "Clock Factory W. Moser-Baer AG" is taken over by Urs Moser and Albert Augstburger-Moser
1975Acquisition of J. Bosshard SA/AG by Urs Moser and Albert Augstburger-Moser
1989Acquisition of FAVAG clock division by W. Moser-Baer AG and J. Bosshard SA/AG
1990Introduction of the brand name MOBATIME
1994Investment in the clock manufacturer Elekon GmbH, Vyskov, Czech Republic

Acquisition of Diem SA Time Systems (formerly Patek Philippe Electronics)

The Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva) site becomes the Moser-Baer Export Division.

1997Acquisition of the assets of Bürk Time Systems, Schwenningen, Germany and founding of Bürk MOBATIME GmbH
2002Renaming of the company J. Bosshard SA/AG to MOBATIME Swiss SA/AG, headquarters in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

Founding of Moser-Baer Holding AG with its headquarters in Sumiswald

"Clock Factory W. Moser-Baer AG" becomes Moser-Baer AG

2003Founding of MOBA Russia Holding AG, Baar and MOBATIME Systems GmbH, St. Petersburg
2005Dübendorf becomes the headquarters of MOBATIME Swiss AG/SA
2007Opening of a liaison office MOBATIME India, New Delhi
2009Founding of MOBATIME India Pvt. Ltd.
2009Introduction of the brand MOBATEC
201375 Years Moser-Baer AG