Newsletter 8 / August 2012

This month we would like to present you a newly created device:
our MOBALine-Booster.

The MOBALine device is for the amplification of MOBALine signals. In below introduction you will find all benefits at a glance. Or visit directly our website and download our MOBALine-Booster leaflet.

Do you remember our May Newsletter? There we announced the launch of our Network MOBALine Interface (NMI). The NMI serves as an interface between NTP (Ethernet) and MOBALine. Read our introduction below or download our NMI leaflet from our website. The NMI is available now!

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In September, MOBATIME products and solutions will be presented at two different trade shows.


  • ACI-NA/World Conference & Exhibition, 9 - 12 September, Calgary, Canada
  • Inter Airport China, 26 - 28 September, Beijing, China

Visit our website to find more information and direct links to the mentioned trade shows.

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The MOBALine-Booster is a device for the amplification of MOBALine signals.

Your benefits at a glance:


  • Existing installations can easily be extended without the need for an additional master clock
  • Extensions of more than 1000 meters and with approximately 70 additional clocks are achievable
  • Intelligent distribution concept by separating lines per floor or building
  • Monitoring of input MOBALine signal, external supply voltage and MOBALine output signal (overload detection)

More information about the MOBALine-Booster can be found on our website.




NMI - Network MOBALine Interface
The latest product for the fusion of NTP and MOBALine technology is the Network MOBALine Interface (NMI). Its interfacing characteristics help to combine NTP and MOBALine installation and to benefit from the advantages of both technologies.
The Network MOBALine Interface (NMI) serves as an interface between NTP (Ethernet) and MOBALine. The interface receives the current time information over NTP and provides it to up to 12 clocks with MOBALine.
The Network MOBALine Interface (NMI) provides NTP synchronization to most types of MOBATIME slave clocks and master clocks. The easy way of commissioning, its high performance at low costs and its small dimensions make it suitable for most new or existing LAN/WAN Ethernet installations. The interface is synchronized by the Network Time Protocol (NTP) from a multicast / unicast capable time server within the network. The NMI generates the common time codes MOBALine and DCF in local time format for synchronization of various types of analog and digital slave clocks or sub-master clocks.
Visit our website to get more information about the Network MOBALine Interface.





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