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Newsletter 08 / August 2013

The Moser-Baer AG in Sumiswald celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2013. On the 17th August we opened our doors to celebrate this event with customers, suppliers, residents, dependents, etc.
The open house event lasted for four hours, during this time period approx. 1300 people took the chance to visit our factory and to learn more about our products and how they are produced and handled. At this occasion we showed our new company movie to the public. Interested in seeing it?
It is available now on our website.


So far, we didn’t have a company website for Moser-Baer, only websites for our brands MOBATIME and MOBATEC. We thought that our 75th anniversary would be a good year to finally realize it. Right in time for our open house event, we managed to get it up and running. The website is in German only but you are hearty welcome to look at it and browse through the pages:

For several years India has been investing large sums of money in the construction of metros in large cities. The master plan is that every city with a population in excess of one million is entitled to an evaluation and if need be – provided that financing is secured - the construction of a metro. The Swiss Moser-Baer Group, together with its subsidiaries BÜRK MOBATIME GmbH and  MOBATIME India Pvt. Ltd, has been actively involved for years in the provision of clock systems and time systems for metros in India. See below extract or go directly to our website to download the whole article MOBATIME time systems for metros in India.

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MOBATIME time systems for metros in India

Precise timing is essential for the operation of metros and trains. Traditionally, the time on platforms, in waiting rooms, shopping areas and in offices has been displayed using analog and digital clocks. In addition, a precise time reference is increasingly used for the synchronization of subsystems such as access control, monitoring cameras, loudspeaker systems etc. In addition, analog clocks in particular are important bearers of the corporate identity of a metro or train, using logos, shapes and colors in the respective corporate design.

All of these requirements are also represented in one of the largest metro systems in the world, the Delhi Metro. This system, for which the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is responsible, currently comprises a network over 180 kilometers long with 138 stations. MOBATIME has been involved for many years in the running of this impressive metro network as a supplier and service provider. In phase I, supplies were provided by BÜRK MOBATIME via a large German system integrator. Phase II was managed by a French group, which was supplied with MOBATIME products via the Swiss head office. In this configuration, additional work is currently being carried out under phase II and planning work is being expedited for the coming phase III. In parallel to the supplies of hardware, Mobatime India Pvt. Ltd, part of the Moser-Baer Group and whose head office is located in New Delhi, has been involved in all phases of the project, supplying services such as commissioning, training and after-sales support.

The whole article can be downloaded here



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