Newsletter 02 / Februaray 2013

As announced in our January Newsletter, we will launch many new products and solutions.


This month we will present you our DTS 2390.DCF Distributor. Read more about this device further down this Newsletter or visit the according product site. Here is the direct link: DTS 2390


Do you know our helpful DTS timeserver overview?

We just updated it and it can now be downloaded from our website by using this link: DTS overview


Are you already familiar with our MOBA-WIKI? No, then you really should have a look at it. This tool provides additional information and guidance to everyone who works with MOBATIME products and time systems.

On this platform you have the chance to ask questions or provide additional information which you think might be useful for others working with MOBATIME products.

Below you find an example of an asked question and a helpful link for all newcomers.


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DTS 2390.DCF Distributor


The DTS 2390 is a distributor for DCF 77 signals (unmodulated). The current loop input is distributed to five current loop outputs.


The device is a redundant system containing two identical systems.


In the event of an error, the monitoring system switches the outputs from system 1 to system 2. Once the error has been resolved, the system either remains on system 2 or switches back to system 1, depending on the selected operation mode.


For redundant operation, each system requires an independent time source (GPS, DCF) and an independent power supply.


The device is available with the option of five additional optical outputs.


The leaflet can be downloaded from our product site: DTS 2390



example of an asked question




(Network Management Systems)



I have Windows 7 and installed
MOBA-NMS. When I selected the license file in MOBA-NMS, it could not be saved. What is the reason?



In Windows 7, the default user has no admin rights. To save any configuration in MOBA-NMS or insert a license file, you need administration rights.


Possibility 1

Click with right mouse button on moba-nms.exe and select "run as administrator".


Possibility 2

Create a new user account with administrator rights. Log in with this account to insert the license file into MOBA-NMS.


Possibility 3

Change the user account settings of your account. Click the following link for more information - user account control



useful instructions


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we recommend that you visit
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