Newsletter 7 / July 2012

Are you looking for support or additional information? Would you like to share your experience regarding MOBATIME products?
Now nearly everything is possible as MOBATIME - Swiss Time Systems has its own WIKI!
This tool shall provide additional information and guidance to everyone who works with MOBATIME products and time systems. Here you will have the chance to exchange useful tips, search for additional information or ask questions.
Find out more about our MOBA-WIKI in below introduction, by visiting our MOBATIME WIKI page where you can  download  short instructions or by visiting directly our WIKI website:

In our June Newsletter we introduced you our Design KIT. We think that it is a very useful and supportive tool for consultants, planners and engineers. Therefore, we will present it again and show you its main advantages and possibilities. Find out more in below summary or by visiting our Design KIT website.
Already a member of our Customer Area? If so, you can log in on the Design KIT website directly with the same log in information.
If you are not a member yet, please register on our mobatime website first (please do not forget to activate your account by confirming our e-mail). You will then have access to our Customer Area and to our Design KIT website. 

Our products and solutions are continuously shown at different trade shows around the world. If you are interested to find out if we are in your area shortly, you can visit our Trade Show page.


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To provide you a good start, we recommend that you read our short  MOBATIME WIKI instructions first.


  • how to setup your personal WIKI account
  • how to add a new Issue


With those instructions, it will be easy to set up your personal account on  or to start your own Issue.
Our MOBATIME WIKI shall be a useful tool for everyone who is in close contact with our products and technologies. Additional information and useful hints will be available 24 hours and if you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to start an Issue.


Design KIT


The Design KIT has been developed for consultants, planners and engineers and it shall:


  • help to understand the general structure of a time distribution system.
  • introduce the different technologies (time protocols) of a time distribution system.
  • give an overview of MOBATIME solutions and products for a time distribution system.
  • deliver necessary (tender) documents to design and plan a time distribution system for a specific project (technical description, product specification, compliance matrix, etc.)

There are two possibilities to specify a time distribution system.
1. Generic specification - the easy way to planify a time system!
Simply rely on our know-how in defining a suitable and powerful time distribution system and use the already prepared specifications.
2. Tailor-made specifications - do it yourself!
Do you need to go more into details and specify a customized time system - no problem! We have a comprehensive tool box for you which allows the definition of a tailor-made system.


Both specifications are available for different time distribution technologies (MOABLine, NTP, Wireless) and for different applications (railways, metros, airports, hospitals, schools and universities).


All you have to do is to register on our website in order to get access to our Design Kit. If you are already a member of our Customer Area, you can log in on the Design KIT website directly.