Newsletter 07 / July 2013

The Moser-Baer AG in Sumiswald celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2013. Under the MOBATIME brand, clock and time systems from Sumiswald serve as a guarantee for punctuality and precision at train stations, airports, hospitals, schools or power plants all around the globe. The well-known flagship product of the Moser-Baer AG is the SBB clock of the Swiss Federal Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen). As a technical co-developer, Moser-Baer AG has played a significant role in the development of the red second hand in the shape of a railway guard’s signaling disk designed in the 1940s. Over the past 75 years, we have implemented tens of thousands of projects related to clock and time systems all around the world. From this experience, you as a customer may profit when selecting MOBATIME - Swiss Time Systems for your project.

With the MOBATEC brand, the Moser-Baer AG has additionally established itself as an innovative industry partner. MOBATEC customers come from a wide variety of industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, industrial applications and so forth. The main focus is the field of medical technology, pertaining to which orthopedic and traumatology instruments are made to order for well-known customers all around the world.

After having been founded in Sumiswald by Wilhelm Moser in 1938 and its humble beginnings with three employees in the attic of a house at Spitalstrasse 7 in Sumiswald, the Moser-Baer AG has, over the last 75 years, become the main headquarters of the Moser-Baer Group with 280 employees around the world. 100 employees are currently employed at the Sumiswald location, 15 of which are apprentices. Other branches of the group are located in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, India and China.

We are very proud of the fact that we were able to count you among our customers for the past 75 years. Your confidence in our products and your cooperation with us has led to innovative and technologically advanced solutions. We shall be pleased to remain your preferred partner for clock and time systems as well as time references in the future.

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How do you announce an exact time via your station or the telephone?
Or how do you record audio announcements in a precisely-timed manner?
The clock provides the answer. It has two operating modes: For one, the device may be used to announce the time (speaking clock), but it may also be used as a radio time signal generator.


Speaking Clock
Acoustic English-language output of the time in hours, minutes and seconds combined with a concluding sinus tone. Interval and volume of the announcement may be adjusted.
Your benefits: Your voice recording system will additionally record the time announcement made by the speaking clock. This way, all time announcements can be traced back to an exact point in time.

Radio Time Signal Generator
Output of sinus tones with variable duration and frequency.
Your benefits: The DTS 2440 provides a precise audio time signal, which you may conveniently transmit using your station or a special telephone number.

See product site for more detailed information and technical data: DTS


Network Management System -


Do you already know MOBA-NMS?
MOBA-NMS is a Network Management System. It offers you the possibility to configure, monitor and administrate your entire time system – including master and slave clocks – on one platform. This tool is a must-have!


Watch our enhanced MOBA-NMS movie.