Newsletter 13 / July 2014

As we approach the middle of the year 2014 MOBATIME - Swiss Time Systems would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some new products which we have been developing in order to enhance our existing ones.

In this half yearly edition of the MOBATIME Newsletter you will find information concerning our new facade clock movement DMU 160 along with the latest update concerning our Network Timeserver NTS (please also refer to the Newsletter from September 2013: Network Timeserver NTS). The NTS has already been introduced into the market and we would like to show you some application examples.

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Network Timeserver NTS


A short summary of the NTS features:

The Network Timeserver NTS is a time server for use in network environments. It can be synchronized by NTP but also acts as an NTP server. In addition, it can read the time from DCF or GPS (e.g. from GPS 4500) receivers.

The NTS can send e-mails alerts as well as SNMP traps. SNMP can be used for configuration as well as checking the system status of the NTS.

The main functions of the NTS are; simple and convenient operation, configuration, programming, administration and monitoring via LAN using MOBA-NMS software or by the operation menu using Telnet or SSH.

Your advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Small dimension
  • Powerful NTP server for small networks
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Typical application:  Network Bundle

For more information please consult our new leaflet which is now available and can be downloaded from our website.

The NTS is now available from stock.

New facade movement DMU 160

Features of the DMU 160:

The DMU 160 is a self-setting movement for facade clocks with a size of 60 to 160 cm diameter. It is specially designed for easy mounting and commissioning. Operation as a MOBALine slave movement (powered from MOBALine only) or as a standalone DCF movement (24 VDC powered) makes it a versatile application.

Your advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Smaller dimensions as with the A40 and A50 series so that it can fit into the same place
  • Powerful movement with best quality components
  • Fast setting time due to forward and backward moving of the hands

Typical applications:

  • Schools
  • Sports centers and halls
  • Government buildings
  • Small tower clocks
  • Railway stations

More detailed information about the DMU 160 movement can be found on our official website.

Available 4th Q. 2014