Newsletter 6 / June 2012

MOBATIME – Swiss Time Systems developed a special tool for consultants, planners and engineers. The Design KIT is a comprehensive tool to facilitate the design, planning and engineering of time distribution systems and clocks.
Find out more about the Design KIT in below introduction or visit the Design KIT website directly.

We also worked on our DTS 41xx.timeserver family and developed a new time server.
The new DTS 4128.timeserver is a highly precise time reference in medium size networks (LAN Ethernet/IP/UDP).
In order to provide you an overview over our DTS 41xx.timeserver family, we created a new leaflet:
DTS 41xx.timeservers – Time reference and time sources tailored to your needs.

Our products and solutions are continuously shown at different trade shows around the world. If you are interested to find out if we are in your area shortly, click on this link Trade Shows.

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Design KIT

For consultants, planners and engineers, the Design KIT shall:

  • help to understand the general structure of a time distribution system.
  • introduce the different technologies (time protocols) of a time distribution system.
  • give an overview of MOBATIME solutions and products for a time distribution system.
  • deliver necessary (tender) documents to design and plan a time distribution system for a specific project (technical description, product specification, compliance matrix, etc.)

The Design KIT offers you two ways to specify a time distribution system.
1. Generic specification – the easy way to planify a time system!
Simply rely on our know-how in defining a suitable and powerful time distribution system and use the already prepared specifications.
2. Tailor-made specifications – do it yourself!
Do you need to go more into details and specify a customized time system – no problem! We have a comprehensive tool box for you which allows the definition of a tailor-made system.

Both - generic and tailor-made specifications are available for different time distribution technologies (MOABLine, NTP, Wireless) and for different applications (railways, metros, airports, hospitals, schools and universities).

All you have to do, is to register on our website in order to get access to our Design Kit. If you are already a member of our Customer Area, you can log in on the Design KIT website directly.



New DTS 4128.timeserver

The DTS 4128.timeserver is a highly precise time reference for all NTP clients in medium size networks (LAN Ethernet/IP/UDP).

It can either be synchronized with a time signal receiver (DCF 4500 or GPS 4500) or with another NTP time server in the LAN or internet.

The DTS 4128.timeserver can synchronize all slave clocks with an NTP movement, either direct by NTP input or by means of NMI (Network MOBALine Interface). Other devices, e.g. master clocks, can be controlled via DCF current loop.

The high degree of system accuracy and reliability is achieved by the master-slave operation of two  DTS 4128.timeservers connected via fiber-optic cable (redundant operation). In the case of disturbance, an automatic switch over from one device to the other takes place. Alarms are signaled by alarm relay, SNMP messages or e-mail.

A detailed DTS 4128.timeserver leaflet can be downloaded from our website in English, German and French.



MOBATIME – Swiss Time Systems at APTA Rail Conference,
June 3 - 6 , 2012, Dallas, Texas

The 2012 Rail Conference was held on June 3 – 6, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas.

This conference covered a widespread of interests and technical aspects for everyone in rail business.

MOBATIME products and solutions were present at the APTA Rail Conference by our reseller Lumichron.

Visit our Trade Shows site if you are interested to see more pictures or to find out at which show you have the chance to meet our MOBATIME experts.



MOBATIME – SWISS TIME SYSTEMS at FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show,
June 1 - 2, 2012, Saskatoon, Canada

FCM’s 75th Annual Conference and Trade Show were designed for municipal political leaders and senior staff to engage in professional development. This year’s event took place at TCU Place in Saskatoon.
From informative seminars and workshops to plenary sessions and a dynamic trade show, anyone with a stake in the municipal sector could benefit from this event.

Time Sense, our Canadian reseller, presented our MOBATIME world at this Trade Show. A real eye-catcher was our outdoor analog clock with a maple leaf shaped second hand!
More pictures can be seen under Trade Shows.



2nd International Railway and Related Industries Exhibition, May 29 - 31, 2012, Tehran, Iran

The second International Railway and Related Industries Exhibition was held on May 29 – 31, 2012 at Olympic Hotel in Tehran, Iran.

MOBATIME products and solutions were presented by our reseller Dadeh Pardazehs Diba Ltd.

Click her to get more impressions.