Newsletter 2 / June 2015

We would like to inform you about new products and improvements.
In this particular edition of the MOBATIME newsletter you will find information concerning our new

software release of MOBA-NMS, the new time zone feature of DMU 160 facade clock movement

and the available NPR solution.


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NPR solution


The NPR is a network-compatible, NTP-synchronized week

timer used to set different switching times individually for

every day of the week. The week program for the switching

times can be easily created with MOBA-NMS and uploaded to

the NPR via LAN. At the defined switching times, the electric

contact of the NPR is switched on or off respectively.


The configuration and commissioning of NPR can be done

easily by using MOBA-NMS and Switch Editor Basic Plugin.

The complete solution can now be ordered as a set including

the NPR, MOBA-NMS and Switch Editor Basic Plugin.


The detailed leaflet about the NPR can be found on our

official website ( NPR



DMU 160 with time zone feature


Our self-setting facade clock movement 

DMU 160, for facade clocks up to 160 cm 

diameter, has been improved with the time

zone feature.


Therewith worldwide time zone

configuration can be done without using a master clock

(standalone operation of DMU 160 together with GPS



Alternatively the time zone configuration by a master clock

is of course still supported (operation of DMU 160 together

with GPS receiver and ETC master clock).


The detailed leaflet about the DMU 160 can be found on our

official website ( DMU 160



MOBA-NMS new software release 1.4.1


With our management software MOBA-NMS you can 

commission, operate and interactively monitor all our network

devices like DTS and NTS timeservers, NMI, NPR and all

network clocks.


The new release 1.4.1 offers the following news:


  • Support for new device: DTS 4132.timeserver
  • Support for new device: NPR