Newsletter 3 / March 2012

In our January 2012 Newsletter we highlighted the state of the art in time distribution technology. In this Newsletter we will present you our new leaflet "Fusion of Time Distribution Technology: Time over Ethernet and MOBALine".
Furthermore, we will present you our new time signal receiver GNSS 3000. It can receive and process GLONASS and GPS signals.
Find out about our new ordering key for our analog clocks. This key will help us to simplify your ordering of clocks.
Do you intend to visit the exhibition "Ferroviaria" in Turin, Italy? If so, make sure to stop at our booth and find out more about our products and solutions.


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Fusion of Time Distribution Technology: Time over Ethernet and MOBALine


Nowadays new installations of time systems and clocks are network-based and rely on LAN-cabling. NTP (Network Time Protocol) is the reliable time standard for the synchronization of clocks as well as for the time reference of IT-sub-systems.


Nevertheless, there are few drawbacks of the Time over Ethernet concept. First, a LAN-based installation may cause higher costs due to necessary Ethernet cabling, switches and injectors. Secondly, LAN-cabling is limited to 100 meters without adding additional switches. Furthermore, cabling topology of the LAN needs to be star-shaped and connections between clocks are not possible. Finally, existing buildings are often not equipped with an Ethernet and retrofitting with a LAN is too expensive.


Proven technologies such as MOBALine are the way forward to eliminate the drawbacks. Or even better: combine NTP and MOBALine technologies for highest demands.


Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies in our leaflet.


New receiver GNSS 3000


The GNSS 3000 is a time signal receiver intended for receiving time signals from navigation satellites. It can receive and process GLONASS and GPS signals.
With this high precise time source as reference, the GNSS 3000 is designed to be a synchronization source for master clocks and time servers.
To this end, it generates a 1 PPS signal (one pulse per second) or a DCF time code signal, which is following successful synchronization. In addition, the information from NMEA standards (GGA, ZDA) are available as serial telegrams. The dome-like form of the antenna sheds water and snow and prevents failures during winter. The GNSS 3000 has different operating modes which allow a diagnosis of the reception quality.


More information can be found on our website - there you can also download the new leaflet in English, French, and German!



New ordering key for analog clocks


The new ordering key is simple and will be implemented step by step for all models. It will bring many benefits to us and our customers

  • one ordering key for all analog clocks
  • each clock is clearly designated
  • special types will receive clear designations
  • clear communication

METROLINE can already be ordered with the new ordering key and from 1st May on also TREND, FLEX and PROFILINE.
ECO and MODERNA will follow in 2013

More information can be found in a short presentation on our website:

ordering key


MOBATIME - SWISS TIME SYSTEMS at EXPO Ferroviaria, 27 - 29 March, 2012, Turin, Italy


The fifth edition of EXPO Ferroviaria will be held at the Lingotto Exhibition Centre in Turin, Italy, from 27 - 29 March 2012.


The EXPO Ferroviaria is well established as the meeting place for suppliers in the railway industy.
The numbers of visitors and exhibitors grew constantly. In 2010, 350 companies from 16 countries participated at the EXPO Ferroviaria.


You will find MOBATIME products at booth number 633. Our MOBATIME experts are looking forward to welcome you.


On our website you'll find a direct link to the expo website where you can obtain more information (like opening hours).


Airport Planning Design & Construction Symposium, Denver, Colorado, USA


The symposium was held February 29 - March 2, 2012, in Denver, Colorado. This unique technical event highlighted the latest tools, methods, concepts and new ideas in airport development and operations.

MOBATIME products have been presented at the Airport Symposium by our reseller Lumichron.