Newsletter 14 / March 2015

After a successful start to the year 2015, MOBATIME - Swiss Time Systems would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some new products which we have been developing in order to enhance our existing ones.

In this particular edition of the MOBATIME Newsletter you will find information concerning our new timeserver and network masterclock DTS 4132.timeserver along with our new network programmable relay NPR.

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Network Programmable Relay NPR

The NPR is a network-compatible, NTP-synchronized week timer used to set different switch times individually for every day of the week. The week program for the switch times can be easily created on a PC and uploaded to the NPR via LAN. At the defined switch times, the electric contact of the NPR is switched on or off respectively.

In addition to the automatic operation, the relay output of the NPR can be manually controlled via toggle switch or remotely via software. The lock function protects the NPR from unauthorized remote access.

Control and automation processes with the NPR can easily be realized using a pre-existing network infrastructure. The NPR supports e.g. the intelligent, time-controlled switching of electric loads, thus making an important contribution to energy saving. Furthermore, the NPR can be used for many typical building automation tasks (controlling lighting installations, bells, doors, sun blinds…).

Your advantages:

  • decentralized switching: place relays where you need them
  • no special cabling, simply connect NPR to the LAN, powered by PoE
  • control NPR manullay or with fast commands through LAN:
    - test your equipment easily via toggle switch (manually)
    - MOBA-NMS / SCC (fast remote control)
  • security mode: prevents unauthorized remote access via lock button (red button)
  • week program for automatic switching:
    - signal commands (1..90 sec.) or ON/OFF commands
    - normal behaviour with up to 50 commands, up to 50 exceptions (holidays) with start and end date
  • synchronization through up to 4 NTP servers.

Are you looking for a simple solution for controlling bells and lighting in your schoolhouse via a week time switching program?  The NPR offers this very functionality!

Other examples of use for the NPR:

  • Controlling the work shifts and breaks in industrial companies
  • Light control for railway station platforms, waiting rooms, halls...
  • Switching printers, copiers, coffee dispensers... on/off, synchronized to the work times in office buildings
  • Automatic control of sun blinds, gates… in buildings

The detailed leaflet about the NPR can be found on our official website.


New highly accurate timeserver and network masterclock DTS 4132.timeserver

The new multipurpose device DTS 4132.timeserver sets new standards as a network masterclock and time reference for NTP clients in medium and large networks (Ethernet IPV4/IPV6). With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.

Your benefits from using the DTS 4132.timeserver:

  • Features two completely separated LAN ports:
    - provides NTP in two different networks
    - can be synchronized over one LAN port and synchronize a separated network over the other LAN port
  • High degree of system redundancy due to redundant operation via fiberoptic link:
    - high availability
    - master-slave operation with automatic switch over in case of an error
  • Multipurpose device due to the different time code outputs: NTP, MOBALine / Impulse line for slave clocks, serial RS232/RS422/RS485, DCF, high accurate pulses

The DTS 4132 can be used in many different applications due to its versatile functions. Some examples:

  • Schools and universities:
    - synchronized from a main NTP server and NTP server for a separate subnet.
    - synchronization of self-setting clocks via MOBALine
  • Hospitals
  • Industries
    - highly accurate and reliable NTP server
    - no time steps (time adjustment in micro steps)
    - clock lines
  • Railways
    - master clock for slave  clocks and highly accurate timeserver at the same time

The new leaflet with detailed information about the DTS 4132.timeserver can be found on our official website.