Newsletter 11 / November 2012

In this Newsletter we will present two new products to you:


The DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor is a signal distributor for modulated (AF) and unmodulated (digital) IRIG-B signals. With Switch Editor Basic it is easy to write switch programs for MOBATIME devices. Below you find an overview over these new products. Detailed information can be found on our website - see above.


MOBATIME just returned from TranspoQuip in Brazil and is already preparing the next trade show in Dubai. Read more about the show in Brazil at the end of this newsletter or visit our website.


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DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor


The DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor is a signal distributor for modulated (AF) and unmodulated (digital) IRIG-B signals.


The distributor consists of two identical lines that operate independently of each other.


Each line has an AF input and a digital input.


Each of this input signals is multiplexed and faded to four output signals in the IRIG Distributor.


Applications: If you need to synchronize your equipment by high accurate IRIG-B signals form a time source like DTS 4135.timeserver, the IRIG Distributor is the right device.


The voltage levels of all input and output signals are monitored. If one signal fails, the alarm relay is activated.


More information and a detailed leaflet can be downloaded from our website. Here is the direct link: DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor



Switch Editor Basic


With the basic version of Switch Editor, switching programs for MOABTIME devices sucha as DTS 4801, DTS 4802 or ETC for example, can be defined with simple and familiar tools (similar to outlook calendar). For this purpose up to four sw



itching channels with different weekly programs are allocated.


Typical applications: small installations like schools or small companies with up to four relays.


Download our Switch Editor Basic leaflet.



TranspoQuip, 21 - 23 November 2012, Brazil


The 5th edition of TranspoQuip took place in São Paulo. Brazil.


MOBATIME - Swiss Time Systems was present with an own booth. It was the chance to see and experience MOBATIME products and solutions at first hand.


The Innovation Award was a novelty at TranspoQuip Latin America 2012. Over the years many companies choose TranspoQuip to introduce technolog


ies and


innovations in the infrastructure for transport industry. The purpose of this award was to encourage and reward these innovations and highlight the sector's development.


MOBATIME was one of the 12 nominated companies for the Innov


ation Award.

We are proud that our innovation MOBA-NMS was nominated for the Innovation Award 2012.