Newsletter 3 / September 2015

We would like to inform you about new products and improvements.
In this particular edition of the MOBATIME newsletter you will find information concerning IPv6 readiness of our products, the new timeserver NTS IT and a new synchronization feature of
DTS 4132.timeserver. Moreover the successful realization of a 5 m floral clock is presented.


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IPv6-Readiness of MOBATIME Network Products



We are proud to inform you, that we reached an important milestone for our network time system:
The extended IP address standard IPv6 is now supported by our MOBATIME network products.


Therewith our time system is ready for newest IPv6 network environments or for future upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6 networks. A seamless migration from IPv4 to IPv6 is possible by dual stack (IPv4/IPv6 together) integrated in all products.

All following products are ready for your IPv6-network:


Network management software:


Timeserver and masterclocks:

DTS 4801/02, DTS 4132, DTS 4135, DTS 4136, DTS 4138

Movements and analog clocks:


Interface and week timer:


Digital clocks:


Available soon



NTS IT: New Timeserver for IT Application


The NTS IT is a compact and powerful NTP timeserver with a very good cost-performance ratio.


The NTS IT guarantees maximum operating safety for the time synchronization of IT systems. It can be used for NTP synchronization of IT systems, data centres, servers, computers, fire alarm systems and audio / video surveillance.


The NTS IT can be synchronized by another timeserver via NTP or alternatively from GPS.
The commissioning and operation is easy and can be done via terminal menu or web interface.


The detailed leaflet can be found on our official website ( NTS IT



New Synchronization Feature of DTS 4132.timeserver


A new synchronization feature for redundant operation of DTS 4132 is now available: This feature enables synchronization from external NTP servers in Master-Slave operation mode.


The detailed leaflet can be found on our official website ( DTS 4132



Audemars Piguet Floral Clock, Singapore


We are proud to present you our newest floral clock, which was installed in August 2015.
MOBATIME delivered the clock motor movement and the hands. The floral clock was a natural gift from Audemars Piguet to Singapore on its 50th year of independence.



More information about this clock can be found here: Audemars Piguet Floral Clock