Master Time Center MTC

The Master Time Center controls clocks, synchronizes computers to exact time, serves as a time reference on the LAN, switches time-controlled electrical loads, supplies time information in various formats, and monitors the mains frequency. The MTC has been optimized to offer the best possible reliability and flexibility, in order to produce specific and flexible system solutions for time distribution, in industries, airports, railways, radio and TV stations, hospitals, power stations, and scientific laboratories. The reliable, internal bus system (2-wire), the intelligent function modules, the centralized operation by means of user-friendly menus, the comprehensive software for system management, as well as many other outstanding features, distinguish the MTC system from conventional time centers.



New: MTC Update

When should a system be updated?

  • MTC is older than 6 years 
  • Equipped with the old Master module U1.0.0 or U1.0.1
  • Still powered by the batteries included in the initial delivery 
  • System is controlled by an old computer 
  • Should be controlled over LAN by any computer in the network
  • MTC should be extended
  • The time system has to be renewed 

Why should the system be updated and renewed?

  • The Master U1.0.X is equipped with a battery buffered RAM card on which all important data is stored. In case of a blackout, the data may get lost and the system stops working.
  • The operation terminal should be replaced with a PC running on Windows 7. The MTCW software on the old notebook does not work under a newer OS.
  • The MTC should be remotely operable from any PC in the same network.
  • The old clocks need a lot of expensive maintenance; a change to self-setting clocks could reduce it to nearly zero.

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