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TIME CHANGEOVER – How to reduce costs & become more efficient…?

time changeover analogue clock

… with a synchronized clock system!

On Sunday, March 28, the clocks are set forward by one hour in most Europe. (in the USA/Canada and several South American countries the time changeover already took place on March 14 and in the southern Hemisphere the time is set back on Sunday April 4). If you have one or more clocks, which are located throughout your building and are mounted in hard-to-reach areas, this biannual event could add significant maintenance costs.

Thanks to our precise and reliable clock systems, this task is eliminated. Our master clocks or time servers, which are synchronized by GNSS systems, take over this task for you and automatically change the time of your clocks and IT networks. With our high precision NTP/PTP time servers, you avoid the use of a public time server and reduce significant weakness in your IT network.

If you are interested in a trouble-free and maintenance-free time keeping to increase your productivity and reduce costs at the same time, we have competent solution available for you. Do not hesitate and contact us. We are gladly there for you.