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Track the Time Changeover

Track the time changeover

We track the time changeover for you! The time changeover is not uniformly regulated internationally. Currently, it is observed by less than 40% of all countries worldwide. It is not usually used in countries near the equator, where sunshine duration is subject to much smaller fluctuations. Here you can find out in detail which countries are affected by the time change.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of moving the time forward one hour during the spring months, then back again during the fall. The idea of DST arose as a way to extend the number of daylight hours we have in the evening.

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If you have one or more analogue or digital clocks, which are located throughout your building and are mounted in hard-to-reach areas, this biannual event could add significant maintenance costs. Thanks to our precise and reliable clock systems, this task is eliminated. Our master clocks or time servers, which are synchronized by GNSS systems, take over this task for you and automatically change the time of your clocks and IT networks. With our high precision NTP/PTP time servers, you avoid the use of a public time server and reduce significant weakness in your IT network.

If you are interested in a trouble-free and maintenance-free time keeping to increase your productivity and reduce costs at the same time, we have competent solution available for you.