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Review: PTP-Event @ Sumiswald

We successfully held the first PTP event in Sumiswald on 21 March. We received support from Albedo AG and Nettimelogic GmbH. At this point we would like to thank the crew for their support and time.
Review: PTP-Event @ Sumiswald

The theme of the all-day event was to bring the PTP topic closer and more sensitive. We wanted to address companies, management, IT managers and other decision makers who already had or will have contact with PTP in the future.

But what is PTP?

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a network protocol defined in IEEE1588. It enables precise synchronisation in networks, e.g. Ethernet. In hardware versions, PTP can achieve an accuracy in the nanosecond range. This accuracy is also used in measurement and control networks.

The participants were given an insight into the history and function of the PTP. The common forms and applications as well as error sources.

This complex technology will become more and more important in the near future. We offer the necessary know-how! Our MOBA team owns products and software which meet the high requirements. The DTS 4160.grandmaster and DTS 4210.timecenter are our flagships to satisfy the needs of our customers. Every environment needs a clean and well-structured system architecture. Our development is there for you. We find a solution for your problem.

If you have any questions, our team is at your disposal. If you would like to learn more about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us at