DTS 2440.audio-clock

The DTS 2440.audio-clock provides the answer. It has two operating modes: For one, the device may be used to announce the time (speaking clock), but it may also be used as a radio time signal generator.

Main function:

Speaking Clock:

  • Acoustic output of the time in hours, minutes and seconds with a concluding sinus tone. The sinus tone indicates the point in time to which the announced time applies.

Radio Time Signal Generator:

  • At the beginning of every second, a sinus tone may be put out. A maximum of 60 sinus tones per minute are thus audible. Frequency and duration are adjust-able for every individual sinus tone

Time announcement:

  • Format = Hours, minutes, seconds in English
  • Acoustic sign = Sinus tone, 1 kHz, duration 500 ms
  • Volume adjustable in 1 dB increments
  • Announcement interval = 60 s, 30 s, 20 s, 10 s


  • 2 serial inputs (RS 232) for IF 482 telegrams (1 input for each system ->
  • Outputs:
  • Audio output (3 Pin XLR-Sockets, female, 600 Ohms symmetrical

Power supply:

  • 2 external power supplies for both systems -> redundancy: 20 – 65 VDC


  • Redundant design (2 individual systems)
  • Automatic switch over in case of a missing input signal
  • Alarm relay and red alarm LED to indicate active errors


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