The sturdy and elegant analog clock FLEX with metal housing inspires you reliably through the day.

These versatile clocks cover all indoor applications – they can be used simple and flexible.

Because of the integrated noise dampening, the FLEX LN (low noise) is especially suited for places that prioritize a minimum of noise exposure, e.g. radio and TV stations, recording studios.

The FLEX LN is so quiet that even highly sensitive microphones do not pick it up.

The wall and ceiling set (Ø 30 / 40 cm) allows a very quick mounting – simply snap it on. The FLEX clock is also available with a stainless steel housing (V2A).

The FLEX LN was developed in cooperation with the Institute for Broadcasting Technology IRT in Munich specifically for a minimum noise load, for use in places such as:

- radio and TV stations

- recording studios

- operating rooms

- relaxation rooms

- libraries

The noise development of the FLEX LN is comparable to our previous low-noise movement E1G. For more information on the FLEX clock series, consult the leaflet LE-800853 FLEX.

Analog indooer clock FLEX LN


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