NTP Time Server

MOBATIME NTP Time Server solution offers highly precise interfaces such as NTP, etc. with an advantage of precision in accuracy and traceability. Time Servers are equipped with crystal oscillators to provide time, pulse, phase & frequency solutions supporting synchronization using Global Positioning System for a mid or large infrastructure network.

The use of independent NTP time servers is becoming increasingly important. The successful interaction of different complex systems in a network requires a precise and independent time base. With the use of a MOBATIME time server, you can always rely on an independent, evidence-proof time reference.

MOBATIME time servers synchronize your networks with high precision and reliability. All systems in the IT network have the exact time thanks to synchronization via NTP. Events can therefore be arranged chronologically thanks to precise time stamps.

  • high-precision time for all network environments
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) time server for various applications
  • Combination time server master clock for use in complex clock systems

The DTS product family provides a solution for all time synchronization requirements. Whether small networks with few clients to synchronize or large networks with many time requests: Mobatime time servers can be scaled and optimally integrated into your system landscape. If high demands are placed on reliability, the system architecture can be set up redundantly.

Download – Time Server Overview