Company details

Company: Moser-Baer AG
Address: Spitalstrasse 7
CH-3454 Sumiswald
Telephone: +41 (0)34 432 46 46
Fax: +41 (0)34 432 46 99



Contact person: Scheidegger, Andreas
Company headquarters: CH-3454 Sumiswald
Canton of Commercial Register entry: Bern
Number of Commercial Register entry: CH-
VAT number: CHE-105.973.815 MWST
Company identification number (UID): CHE-105.973.815


Short description of company purpose:
“Manufacture of electronic clocks and apparatus of all kinds, fine mechanical products and Sumiswalder pendulums and trading with these types of products. The company can acquire, manage and sell real estate. Any secondary purposes are defined in the Articles of Association.”

Concept, design and programming

weiss communication+design ag
Ländtestrasse 5
2501 Biel-Bienne
Tel. +41 32 328 11 11