MOBATIME is the leading center of expertise for time display, time distribution, time synchronization and time reference systems.Read more Swiss quality and innovation are the foundations of the family-owned company Moser-Baer AG, which was founded in 1938. Practically all of our products are fully developed, designed, produced and tested in Switzerland under the MOBATIME brand. Tens of thousands of our systems are in use in transport, public buildings and industry around the world. Proximity to the customer and trust are more important than ever – particularly in these times of globalization and digitization.

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Our engineers know the capabilities and strengths of our tried and tested products. We develop, produce, adapt and even design every component to our customers’ requirements in house. That means that every time system is adapted or developed to fulfill its purpose. We create particularly innovative systems in our interdisciplinary development projects.


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The Famous Clock


The Swiss railway clock is the most famous outdoor clock in Switzerland. The second hand is in the shape of a red dispatch baton, and stops briefly after completing a rotation before the minute hand springs forward. The Swiss railway clock can be seen in hundreds of prominent locations throughout the land and has been an important part of Swiss identity for many years now.

Read moreMOBATIME clocks are a feature of countless railway stations around the globe. The impressive technology in the robust clock has won it a huge number of customers worldwide. MOBATIME clocks tailored to regional requirements can be found in innumerable train stations throughout the world.


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19 - 5 - 2020

Application example of a PTP slave (IEEE 1588 PTPv2)

Newsletter DTS 4020, PTP Slave, NTP IRIG, ToD

Recently we introduced our new device DTS 4020.timebridge. To give you an idea of the environment in which the device can be used, we have prepared an application for you that has already been carried out in this way.

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