DMU 140

Engine-driven movement for big indoor or outdoor clocks from 80 up to 140 cm diameter.

The movement can be operated as a stand-alone clock, synchronized from a time code receiver, or controlled from a master clock. The DMU 140 can be powered with 10 to 30 VDC or MOBALine only. Two stepper motors drive the minute and hour hands individually, each with a separate 12 o'clock position detection sensors (magnets). When synchronized by UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) instead of local time, one of 56 pre-programmed time zones can be selected (including automatic daylight saving time adjustment). The hands are set to the correct time clockwise or counterclockwise, optimized for the shortest possible setting time. During power failure, the movement internally maintains the correct time for more than 10 hours completely maintenance-free and without the need of a battery.

Self-setting movement DMU 140


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