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DTS 4801.masterclock – 1 device for network and clock synchronization

DTS 4801.masterclock - 1 device for network and clock synchronization

What is special about the DTS 4801.masterclock?

The Network Master Clock – DTS 4801.masterclock is developed especially for an environment to serve network devices as well in parallel two-wire master slave clock systems. It is able to control conventional impulse clocks, DCF active, self-setting MOBALine or IRIG-B / AFNOR slave clocks, and is used as an accurate NTP time reference (timeserver) for IT systems.

More About DTS 4801.masterclock:

The DTS 4801.masterclock is equipped with 4 alarm control inputs either to monitor other connected devices or to link external signals (e.g. from sensors) to switching commands. A serial RS 232 / RS 485 interface with configurable script file and NMEA, to output special synchronization telegrams, completes the features of this multipurpose masterclock. Alarms are signalled by a relay, with SNMP traps and by e-mail.

DTS 4801 can be synchronised with options such as GPS, DCF, NMEA 0183 and NTP Servers. DTS 4801 is equipped with redundant (AC & DC) power supply.
This makes the DTS 4801.masterclock perfectly suitable for application areas such as railway, metro, subways, industries, airport, school, hospital, public building, ship, marine, etc.

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