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Export sales & support team visited Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Export sales team

Today we’re getting a little more personal than usual:
We were pleased to invite our multinational export sales & support colleagues from India, Middle East, Asia and Europe to Switzerland & Czech Republic this year. It had been quite a long time since so many of our colleagues were participating together and physically captured together in one frame.
First and foremost, it was all about education and training in time reference, synchronization and clock systems. With workshops and hands-on trainings the participants could refresh experiences and learn new things. Experiences were exchanged, projects discussed and factory acceptance tests prepared. We used these two weeks intensively. 💪
Many of the participants had never been to our Headquarter and main production plant based in Switzerland & Czech Republic before. Besides the trainings we also found the “TIME” to visit some wonderful places in Switzerland & Czech Republic. We are sure that this brought our teams even closer together. We are lucky to have such a motivated and dedicated team and we are already looking forward to our next event. ❤