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Importance of optimal reading distance

Optimal Reading Distane

In order to determine the optimal reading distance, it is necessary to clarify the following questions:

✅What size of time display may be used?

The time display should always be of a suitable size. This is even more important if the time display should be legible for a large group of people. The size of the clock must be chosen so that it fits the infrastructure and legible clearly from an appropriate distance. As such the optimal reading distance plays a significant role in determining the size of the clock. In general, higher the reading distance requirement, larger should be the clock. It is therefore important to determine the right size of time display to suit the project.

✅Where the clock may be placed?

In addition, the viewing angle or placement of the time display is equally important, regardless of the type of project. It should be placed where it is possible to read the time clearly. Whether in infrastructures such as airports or train stations, where a large number of people should be able to see the time in a large radius. As well as in schools, public buildings or hospitals, where a limited number of people should be able to see the time in a small area.

Optimal reading distance as well as correct placement plays an important role in indoor and outdoor areas. Whether on platforms, corridors, in offices or entrance halls, in visitor lobbies, etc. – the visitors or employees should be able to read and record the time without difficulty.

In this article we discuss about topic what influences the optimal reading distance!