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Important notice – “GPS Week Rollover”

On 6th April 2019 a week counter rollover event will happen in the Global Positioning System (GPS) system.
Important notice – “GPS Week Rollover”

Safety Bulletin from EASA with subject “GPS Week Rollover”, SIB No: 2019-1R1

ICAO Electronic Bulletin, EB 2019/7

The GPS receivers have been used for synchronization of our Master Clocks and Time Servers over the last 20 years. The Master Clocks and Time Servers are not directly affected. However, they may get a wrong date from the GPS module after the 6th April 2019.

We have tested our GPS receivers regarding the “GPS Week Rollover” capability. The tests were performed using a simulator and the available antenna types. Therefore, it cannot be completely certified that, due to different firmware levels, some individual GPS receivers installed in the field will respond differently to the rollover.

Please find here below the list of affected GPS devices:

The GPS week rollover in April 2019 affects the following MOBATIME products:
– GPS 3000 (3048, 3012, 3148, 3112) all models
– GPS 4500 older than the year 2007 (S/N starts with 06 or lower) (full white housing)
– GU 192(t) older than the year 2007 (S/N starts with 06 or lower)
The affected devices are equipped with Trimble GPS modules, which are affected by this GPS week rollover. The affected GPS receivers need to be exchanged with a new one, e.g. GPS 4500 V2, GNSS 3000 V2 or GU 192 V2.

However, in case you are not sure, if your GPS is affected or not, we propose to activate the “Synch. only limit” in your master clock. Then you may check after 6th April 2019 the behavior of the Master Clock

Please revert to us with the installed GPS devices type and S/N and we will confirm to you if they are safe regarding this “GPS Week Rollover” issue. An order confirmation number may also be helpful to identify the delivered GPS units.

For more information or further support, please contact our support team at the following address: