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MOBA-NMS – best tool for managing time systems

moba NMS 

MOBA-NMS – MOBATIME Network Management System is a set of applications that enables all network administrators to manage MOBATIME devices while discovering, provisioning, analysing, supervising, monitoring and maintaining centrally or from anywhere across the customer network infrastructure.

It is a very useful master-slave sort of relationship between a manager and the clients (e.g. masterclock, timeserver, grandmaster, clocks and network accessories) managed by the manager. With this application, you have the full control over all MOBATIME devices in your network!

MOBA-NMS guarantees the fastest-possible commissioning as well as an easy handling & maintenance of MOBATIME time systems. Thanks to the intuitive GUI design with well-known features like “drag and drop”, user defined device management by means of logical device groups, group commands, etc.

With such versatile features, MOBA-NMS is an ideal management tool for single device or several hundreds or thousands devices, irrespective of the size of the network whether it is a smaller or larger network.

Key points to note:
1. Saves time.
2. Increases productivity.
3. Saves money.