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Swiss railway clocks for Ñuñoa

Ñuñoa - swiss railway clock

Ñuñoa represents an emblematic area for the Swiss community in Chile, as almost 100 years ago the Swiss Club and the Swiss School of Santiago were founded just a few blocks away. Two institutions that have marked the history of the Swiss community in Chile by contributing to the country’s development in various aspects.

Recently, the Metro de Santiago S.A. in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy decided to promote artistic and cultural exchange through a specific area in Ñuñoa station: SUIZSPACIO.
The aim is to exhibit several permanent and temporary artistic interventions of high quality under the Swiss seal.

MOBATIME as the official manufacturer of the Swiss railway clocks was proud to contribute to this project by supplying several railways clocks. These clocks symbolize Swiss values such as precision, reliability, excellence, innovation as well as quality. We are pleased to have been able to support this ambitious initiative by providing a piece of Swissness that is recognized all over the world.

Swiss railway clocks for Ñuñoa