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Online Training on 14.09.2021 Learn more about time codes

Time Codes in Clocks and Network Synchronisation

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This online training is aimed at companies, their management, IT managers and other decision-makers such as system architects, planners and developers who have already had or will in future have contact with time codes or time synchronisation. People with a general interest in the topic of time synchronisation are also welcome.

The participants should gain an overview and be sensitised to the topic of time codes in clock and network synchronisation. The online training is conducted by our experienced instuctor (Armin Kohler), who has already conducted more than 1000 hours of training. The duration of the training is about one hour.

Click on the link below to access our registration form. After just a few questions you will be registered.

Once you have registered, our team will contact you for further information. We look forward to your participation.

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