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MOBATIME successfully exhibit at Intersec 2022

Visual snapshot of MOBATIME's booth at the Intersec 2022

MOBATIME exhibited during January 16 – 18 at Intersec which marked its return in 2022 after two years for its 22nd edition with the show’s largest ever and most comprehensive conference programme.

How important it was?

With several hundreds of exhibitors, over 34,000 visitors from 136 countries, Intersec plays a critical role in bringing together the entire global safety, security, and fire protection communities, to share knowledge, display the latest technologies and build on existing relationships that lead toward a safer, more secure world.

MOBATIME was able to successfully exhibit its versatile products range in synchronization, time references, time systems, master clock system, analogue & digital clocks as well as customized clocks. We had the opportunity to speak with the existing customers for their experience on our products & services and in addition to interact with many potential customers, understanding their requirement and proposing the best feasible solution on the spot

How Synchronization, Clocks and Time plays an important role in such a safety, security & protection trade show?

Nivin Bhaskar, our regional sales manager, explained this question as follows: “In any building or facility that contains surveillance cameras, access controls or time-controlled processes, Time management is crucial and a fundamental factor. Time has to be reproduced in a secure, uninterrupted and precise manner. Correct time stamping is considered an important & critical security requirement for many public institutions and thus is mandatory.” So we not only equip buildings with the clocks, but also synchronize the entire network infrastructures & associated systems with the time, pulse, phase & frequency using our reliable, modern technique & proven products.

MOBATIME successfully exhibit at Intersec 2022
MOBATIME successfully exhibit at Intersec 2022
Reto Moser (CMO) & Reto Reist (CEO)