The wireless MOBATIME AirPort24 technology offers a professional solution wherever a wired clock system cannot be used and/or cannot be extended and the use of individual DCF77 radio clocks is ruled out due to poor reception conditions.


Either via the DCF active telegram of a MOBATIME master clock or LAN (NTP input RJ45).

Signal input:

  • Transmitter (DCF active): DCF active
  • Transmitter (LAN): NTP
  • Repeater: 868 – 869 MHz

Signal output:

868—869 MHz

Power supply: 

100—230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Signal range:

250 m (indoors)


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Diameter (cm):

30 or 40cm

Power supply:

2x 1.5V-Battery (LR-14 / Typ C)

Degree of protection:

IP 30


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  • Transmission of the complete time and date protocol
  • Secure transmission within a radius of up to approx. 250 m (indoors), up to approx. 1,000 m outdoors
  • Unlimited number of AirPort24 radio telegram slave clocks within the range
  • Can be extended indefinitely using repeaters (amplifiers)
  • Simple, cost-effective and flexible installation, no cabling required
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