DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor

DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor

The DTS 2340.IRIG Distributor is a signal distributor for modulated (AF) and unmodulated (digital) IRIG-B signals. The distributor consists of two identical lines which operate independently of each other.

Main function:

  • Two inputs IRIG / AFNOR modulated and unmodulated (digital)
  • Per input 4 modulated (AF) and 4 unmodulated (digital) IRIG-B / AFNOR outputs

Power supply:

  • External power supply: 24 – 65 VDC (< 15W)


  • Signal level monitoring of each input and output
  • All input and output signals are indicated with LEDs
  • Alarm relay and red alarm LED to indicate active errors
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