IEEE-1588 PTP Grandmaster - DTS 4148

DTS 4148 is a time reference for NTP and PTP clients in medium and large networks with up to 2 network ports (IPV4/IPV6). With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.

2 completely separated LAN ports (2x RJ45):

  • provides PTP on both ports
  • 2-step master (active or passive)
  • different profiles available
  • multicast
  • IPv4/IPv6/Layer 2
  • provides NTP on both ports (>1’500 requests/s both ports combined)

Multi-purpose device due to the different time code and frequency outputs:

  • 1x DCF/pulse/frequency output
  • 1x IRIG-B / AFNOR
  • 1x serial output
  • 1x DCF current loop output

High degree of system redundancy by connecting two DTS 4148 via fiber optic link:

  • high availability
  • master-slave operation with automatic switch over in case of an error

High precision time:

  • Time reception from GPS