MOBA-NMS (Network Management Software)

MOBA-NMS (Network Management Software)

Configuration, monitoring and administration of your entire time system – including master and slave clocks. This is the must-have of managing time systems – and MOBATIME offers the solution: MOBA-NMS is a Network Management System. Manage all MOBATIME network devices in an entire Ethernet network on one platform.

Software types:

  • NMS Basic: NMS Basic is a simple GUI application for commissioning of each MOBATIME network device
  • NMS Pro Limited and
  • NMS Pro Unlimited: NMS Pro guarantees fast commissioning and easy maintenance of your complete MOBA-TIME network system. NMS Pro provides convenient functions for configuration and monitoring of all your MOBATIME network devices.
  • NMS Expert: In addition to all the features of NMS Pro Unlimited, NMS Expert offers a central device supervision service (DSS).


  • Central device management for all network master clocks, time servers and slave clocks (analog, digital).
  • Designed to handle/configurate more than 1000 devices per network at the same time.
  • Compared to a web-based configuration on each single device, MOBA-NMS manages all devices centrally.
  • Device auto detection for multicast and unicast (IP range scan) communication.
  • Read and change device configuration with a comfortable user interface.
  • Display device status, time, error, and alarm information of each device.
  • Create logical groups and move/sort devices per drag and drop for easier management and supervision.
  • Available for download with integrated online self-update feature.
  • NMS-Expert version includes MOBA-DSS (Device Supervision Service), which allows to monitor all network devices

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 8.1, 10 (32/64bit), Windows Server 2008, 2012 (32/64bit), Java SE Runtime Environment 8
  • Hardware: 1 GHz processor,512MB RAM, 1024×768 (or higher) resolution,  1 network (LAN) connection , IPv4/v6

Supported languages:

  • NMS: EN, DE (online help = EN, DE)
  • Installer: EN, DE


  • Standard License for new NMS customers: Newest NMS software for 1 workplace (w/o expiration) Maintenance support for 3 years (incl. free software updates)
  • Trial License for test and evaluation purposes: Newest NMS software for 1 workplace Expiration after 30 days (execution blocked afterwards)
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