Switch Editor Basic

Switch Editor Basic

With the basic version of Switch Editor, switching programs for MOBATIME devices such as DTS 480x masteclock, KR 461/465 or ETC for example, can be defined with simple and familiar tools (similar to outlook calendar).


  • The Switch Editor Basic allows to program 4 relays using 1 week program per relay
  • With MOBA-NMS direct download possible to DTS 480x.masterclock. For ETC and CTC a special software is needed
  • Free definable exceptions (e.g. for holidays)
  • Switching commands with fixed on and off times or signals (1 – 90 sec) are supported
  • Copy and Paste function
  • Easy to edit the switching commands with Drag and Drop
  • Comes with three languages: English, German, French

Advanced features with Switch-Editor 3:

  • Up to 100 different week programs and up to 64 channels (relays) possible
  • Up to 5 different priorities for operating phases, e.g. for seasonal phases, holiday phases, national bank holidays or other periods
  • Direct download to DTS 480x.masterclock, ETC and CTC
  • Upload function
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