How to perform the initial commissioning of a DTS device (without DHCP)?

Our tutorial videos will help you with the procedure for commissioning a DTS device in a network without dynamic IP address assignment DHCP. You will be shown how to make the settings on the DTS device and how to assign the IP address.


What is supplied by MOBATIME?

  • DTS device (e.g. DTS 4801.masterclock)
  • Rack mounting material
  • Terminal opener-tool


What do you need to be ready?

  • PC or Laptop
  • Switch
  • Serial cable (SUB.D9 pole, 0-modem (crossed))
  • USB Serial Adapter (only if you don’t have a serial input on your device)
  • Power cable
  • Network (LAN) cable


You need to download the following software:


Below you will find our six tutorial videos that will help you complete the initial installation:

  1. Identify PC COM Port
  2. Open PuTTY
  3. Configuration of DTS Menu IP in PuTTY
  4. Define PC/Laptop IP
  5. Add Single Device in MOBA-NMS
  6. Select synchronization source in MOBA-NMS

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