Newsletter 04 / April 2013

MOBATIME is a brand that can be found worldwide. As already mentioned in our March Newsletter – MOBATIME is not just selling products and solutions, we also offer trainings on-site or at our premises.
As we act globally, you can find press releases about our company and its brands in different magazines and newspapers around the world.
Below you will find two short extracts of recently published articles. One article has been published in The South China Morning Post and is about our company Moser-Baer. The other one is a case study about analog clocks at train stations and platforms in the United States.
More articles can be found in our media section.


MOBATIME has a new outdoor digital clock in its product portfolio, the DT Series. This clock can show you more than just the time, it can also indicate water and/or air temperature. Find out more about this stylish clock below or download the DT leaflet directly from our product site.


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South China Morning Post –
Moser-Baer keeps time system innovation within reach


Precision mechanics is exemplified by the iconic Swiss railway station clock, a 68-year old design that Apple uses in its devices. It also defines Moser-Baer’s legacy of time systems and clocks since 1938 – classic yet state-of-the-art masterpieces.


“We strive for a holistic approach in this business. Our know-how is not only for the clocks and time systems but also as an original equipment manufacturer. We find synergies in the market.” (Jürg Lutz, CEO)


The whole article can be found in our media section.



Passenger Transport - The Changing Face of Time:
Bringing Analog Clocks Back  

Ian Macartney is a man on a mission. The president and founder of Lumichron, a clockmaker since 1984, wants to bring analog clocks back to public transit stations and platforms across the country.


“Everyone has their cell phones and on every terminal display there’s the time, but it’s all digital. If you look at an analog clock, you can tell in a nanosecond how much time you have left. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to do the math. It’s an instant graphical representation of how much time’s left.”


Read the whole case study and find out why analog clocks should be brought back.



DT Series

The elegant and slim clock shows not only the exact time but also air and/or water temperature.


It can be installed indoor or outdoor and is therefore the ideal clock for out- and indoor swimming pools, ski resorts, spas, public buildings etc.


This clock is equipped with extra bright LED’s and a sensor is adjusting the brightness automatically. Therefore, it provides an excellent readability from different angles.


Your benefits at a glance:
• excellent readability
• integrated sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
• different colors for each single row available
• autonomous, quartz controlled time base with the possibility of synchronization by DCF 77 or GPS signal
• automatic seasonal time change
• remote control unit included


More detailed information and technical data is available on or product site: DT Series



FCM Annual Conference & Trade Show, May 31 – June 3, 2013, Vancouver, Canada

FCM’s Annual Conference & Trade Show is Canada’s largest national municipal conference. This year’s event will be held at the Vancouver Convention Center.


Time Sense, our Canadian reseller, will present MOBATIME products and solutions during this event. Don’t miss our eye-catcher; the outdoor analog clock with the maple leaf shaped second hand.
Come and visit us at booth number 104.


A direct link to the FCM website can be found here.