Newsletter 1 / March 2016

MOBATIME - Swiss Time Systems would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some new products which we have been developing in order to enhance our solutions. In this particular edition of the MOBATIME newsletter you will find information concerning the MOBA-NMS V2 release, the new timeserver DTS 4148.grandmaster and the Flex Outdoor Clock. You will also find a short report from our participation at the previous INTERSEC exhibition.


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MOBA-NMS V2 released


We are excited to inform you about the release of the second version of MOBA-NMS which includes multiple improvements compared to version 1.4.2 in the first week of Feb. 2016. These improvements include a new licensing model (see below), a modern looking, state-of-the-art user interface, an easy-to-use one-click device search and more. 


With this release and its many improvements, new NMS users can begin to use our products more easily.


The new licensing model of MOBA-NMS currently offers the following license types:


NMS Basic EditionEdit devices one by one, suitable for networks with a small number of clocks
NMS Pro Limited EditionManage up to 50 slave / 2 master clocks at the same time
NMS Pro Unlimited EditionManage a large network of slave and master clocks


The detailed leaflet can be found on our official website ( MOBA-NMS



First PTP grandmaster from MOBATIME: DTS 4148.grandmaster


The new multipurpose device 

DTS 4148.grandmaster sets new standards as a network time reference for NTP and PTP clients in medium and large networks (Ethernet IPV4/IPV6). With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.


Your benefits from using the DTS 4148.grandmaster:


    •  PTP grandmaster according IEEE 1588 V2  

    •  Features two completely separated LAN ports:

          - provides NTP/PTP in two different networks

          - can be synchronized (by NTP) over one LAN port and

             synchronize a separated network over the other LAN port

    •  High degree of system redundancy due to redundant operation via

       optical (fiber optic) link:

          - high availability

          - master-slave operation with automatic switch over in case of an


    •  Redundant 24VDC power supply

    •  Multipurpose device due to the different time code outputs: NTP,

       serial RS232/RS422/RS485, DCF, high accurate pulses, IRIG-B

    •  OCXO oscillator with improved holdover: < 0.01ppm

    •  Up 1500 NTP request per second per DTS 4148.grandmaster

    •  Feature to adjust the time with no time steps (time adjustment in

       micro steps) in order to guarantee all clients have the same time

       (e.g. correct order of logging information).

    •  Operation, monitoring an supervision with MOBA-NMS


The DTS 4148 can be used in many different applications due to its versatile functions. 


The detailed leaflet can be found on our official website ( DTS 4148



Flex Outdoor Clock


Due to its IP 65 protection the new FLEX Outdoor clock may be used in outdoor applications or special indoor environments. It is available as single- and doublesided design. Synchronization via LAN (NTP) and powered from PoE or MOBALine (synchronization and power) are the main features of the high tech clock. Automatic calculation of local time and daylight saving change is standard. Local time zone can be selected from an external time zone server.


The FLEX Outdoor clock is a special version of the versatile FLEX clock line. 



The detailed leaflet can be found on our official website ( Flex Outdoor



INTERSEC January 17 - 19 2016 Dubai, UAE


We had the opportunity to present our range of NTP Server as well as our new Primary Reference Clock available for the end of 2016.



Some numbers:


    • 923 visitors in five years 

    • 237 visitors in 2016 from 19 different countries 

    • We handed over 300 catalogues and 5 kilos of Swiss candies


This is a unique opportunity for us to communicate, present and exchange information related to the various markets.