The Swiss station clock- produced in the Swiss Emmental and known all over the world

Moser-Baer AG is the producer of the famous station clock. You can get an exciting insight into the clock's making directly at Moser-Baer AG in Sumiswald in the beautiful Emmental in Switzerland. Check out the brand new video which the SWISSRAIL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION produced for us.


Would you like to know more about the history of the railway station clock? Read more below.


Moser-Baer AG

The watch factory by Wilhelm Moser-Baer
In 1938 Moser-Baer AG was founded by Wilhelm Moser, a skilled mechanic, with a basic capital of 6500 francs. Together with three workers and his wife, he began to build a workshop in his parents' home. In the screed he designed electrical clocks, main and auxiliary clocks, perimeter clocks, signal clocks and the so-called Sumiswalder pendulums. In the same year, the screed was too small as a work space, so in the autumn of 1938 Wilhelm Moser's parents' house was extended with a cultivation. Also the year after the place was not enough to work, so it was rebuilt and later new buildings were added.

In September 1939 the general mobilization was proclaimed, and all the workers of Wilhelm Moser, with the exception of apprentices, had to enter. Thanks to the orders of the armaments industry, the employees were partly released from the military in order to carry out the war-critical orders. For example, Wilhelm Moser received a large commission from the Federal Military Department for the production of field-proven morse devices. To develop this device, Moser introduced trained electrical engineers HTL. The sensational performance succeeded! The engineers developed a transportable telegraph that could transmit up to a thousand letters per minute. Within the next three years the military ordered around eighty such devices. At the end of the Second World War, about 40 workers were working in the factory. W. Moser founded a pension fund in order to secure his old-age provision. Ms Frieda took care of the personnel and financial matters.

The electrical watch project was still very young. There were neither building plans, nor parts lists or other descriptions. The fabrication was carried out according to samples. Only a small brochure was used to sell and present the products.
Production, however, grew rapidly. A professional sales force pressed on more and more. In 1945, Wilhelm Moser handed over the sale of the electric watches to J. Bosshard. He has been extremely committed and has acquired a large customer base in Germany and abroad over the years.

In 1960, the company Moser-Baer developed the first fully electronic quartz master clocks. Thus the company found the connection to the era of electronics. One year later, the company became a stock corporation. Wilhelm Moser-Baer was the only board member. In the following year a new factory was built. This was urgently needed. The number of employees had now risen to 130.

In 1974 Willhelm Moser-Baer died. He was succeeded by his son, Urs Moser, a trained electrical engineer with an additional degree in business management. He has been working in his father's company for several years and has known this very well. His brother-in-law, Albert Augstburger, stood by him. At Moser-Baer AG, he had completed his apprenticeship as a precision mechanic and later became an electrical engineer HTL.
The two took up their work in difficult times. At the beginning of the seventies, the recession affected Switzerland, which had a particularly positive impact on contract work in the field of private customers. Thanks to the already well-diversified diversification, the company was able to carry on with a comparatively little work on this thirsty route.
Around 1990, Moser-Baer AG developed the brand name MOBATIME for electronic watch systems and time systems.

Moser-Baer AG today
The company is still located in Sumiswald in the Emmental. However, various locations in Germany and abroad have been added over the years. Among other things, Swiss industrial watch manufacturers are represented in the Czech Republic, Russia, India and Germany.
MOBATIME is the leading brand of Moser-Baer AG for the development, production and worldwide distribution of watch systems, time systems and time references. In addition, the company provides professional services worldwide as a reliable development and production partner, primarily in medical technology.