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Indoor clock ECO-DC & ECO-M-DC now available in 75mm character height

So far, we had for the indoor clock ECO-DC and ECO-M-DC two variants of the character height available 57mm and 100mm. Now the ECO-DC and the ECO-M-DC are also available in 75mm charakter height display. Perfectly suited for offices, corridors or halls.

About the ECO-DC and ECO-M-DC:
The ECO-DC and ECO-M-DC series are economical digital clock in 7-segment LED technology, which are designed in an elegant and slim housing for time-, or date or alternate time/date displays. It is available in single and double sided version for wall and ceiling suspension installation respectively. The 75mm model is available in 4 or 6 digits. Several synchronisation options are available such as: NTP, IRIG-B / AFNOR, MOBALine selfsetting, DCF and WiFi.

Why does the ECO-DC/ECO-M-DC Series now have 75mm character height as a display?
The selection of a display clocks for any enviroment is depending on the optimal reading distance. The previous versions were designed for a legible distance of 25 meters and 40 meters. With the new 75mm charcter height display we can now offer our customers a digital clock, which is suitable for rooms with an optimal reading distance of 30 meters. This gives us the possibility to respond even more specifically to customer requirements and offer an appropriate option with an optimal reading distance between 25 meters and 40 meters.