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Multi-GNSS receiver – 3 security advantages for a little budget

Security GNSS receiver

With a receiver’s multi-constellation mode, more satellites are visible and can be used, increasing overall stability and security. The Multi-GNSS receiver is able to receive other GNSS signals at the same time as the GPS signal. Through an improved algorithm, the receiver selects the best option of signals. In addition, there are the following security advantages:

➡Improved resilience to GNSS system failures (e.g. GPS failure in January 2016 or GALILEO failure in July 2019).

➡Automatic rollover detection – The different constellations use different calculations and counters, which enables rollover detection and handling.

➡The use of a GNSS 4500 can provide increased robustness against jamming and spoofing (especially against simple jamming and spoofing of one constellation).