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Important news from MOBATIME

Info grafik Newsletter Commitment to Corona 

Dear Employees & Customers

The Coronavirus is turning the world upside down. Protecting our people is our number one priority. Our Employees are the heart of our company. In order to make this possible, we have taken all the measures that have been approved by the Swiss Federal Council & guidelines from WHO.

On one hand, MOBATIME is fully committed to all the Employees for their protection during work in the NOVEL COVID-19 situation.
On the other hand, MOBATIME, is fully committed to give the best possible efforts to fulfil the commitments for the production & delivery of Time Systems as well as possible services & support under these circumstances
as per following:

Maintaining operational reliability
We have an internal task force that has drawn up a catalogue of measures that have been implemented with the goal to:

  • Protect our Employees and their families.
  • Ensuring the functionality and supply capability of our company.

Services from MOBATIME
We offer you our best support on supply & services for the following products:

  • Grandmaster & Time Server – For the time, pulse, phase and frequency synchronization across your infrastructure by means of all the interfaces.  
  • Master Clocks – For the synchronization of Clock Systems and other devices.
  • Digital Clocks – For displaying time, date, temperature, humidity, stopwatch functions in outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Analogue Clocks – For displaying time in outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Special Clocks – For displaying time & identity in outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Movements and Accessories– To fabricate your Clock Systems.
  • Administration, Management & Maintenance Software – To enable you have the necessary tools for administration, configuration, management and maintenance of all components of Clock Systems and Time Server in your infrastructure network.

In this crisis, we appreciate the special commitment of our qualified Employees. They are at your disposal for a good collaboration on your requirements, questions or other concerns. We are committed & prepared to do everything in our power to ensure that the things works in a right direction.

We are closely monitoring & following further developments and the recommendations of the Swiss Federal Council, WHO and our internal task force. MOBATIME remains a reliable and dependable partner for you.

Please stay healthy.

Reto Reist