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MOBATIME & Seven Solutions – Timing the industry

Timing the industry

Is there a synergy between the two companies for industrial applications?

In industry, increasing numbers of applications with very high requirements for time and frequency synchronisation are emerging. Examples of this need can be found in many sectors such as transport, aviation, finance, healthcare and telecommunications.

Many of these applications not only need a reliable, stable and accurate time reference to time-stamp the various events they need to monitor, but they also need to distribute this main time source to all devices that need to be synchronised and monitored with the highest possible precision and accuracy.

This requires two types of devices: a time reference and a device that can distribute the time.

Seven Solution has investigated the complementarity of two types of devices (DTS 4160 from MOBATIME & WR Z16 from Seven Solution) by examining their interoperability and achievable synchronisation performance. They identified that a time synchronisation accuracy between both products of 132ps on average and a jitter of 41ps were achieved, meeting the most demanding requirements of industrial applications.

MOBATIME & Seven Solutions - Timing the industry

We are pleased that Seven Solution points out that the MOBATIME Grandmaster DTS 4160 works fine as a synchronisation reference for their white-rabbit solution and that the synergies created by the use of both devices need to be considered when designing or deploying an industrial application.

About Seven Solutions

Seven Solutions S.L. is a privately held company with high expertise in embedded systems and leading accurate sub-nanosecond time transfer and frequency distribution for reliable aerospace and defense, industrial and scientific applications. With more than ten years of expertise in embedded systems design (electronics, firmware, embedded software), we offer the best-in class full turn-key solutions as well as customized solutions for timing applications. We are leaders in time and frequency distribution solutions based on White-Rabbit technology and derived standards (IEEE-1588-2019-HA).