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Slave Clock Solutions for Hospitals

Detailed view of MOBATIME slave clock solutions tailored for hospital environments

What are the MOBATIME Slave Clocks synchronization solutions for healtcare?

  • NTP Network analogue & digital clocks are perfectly suited for the surrounding of a hospitals or healthcare facility and can be synchronized with any of our Timeserver or Masterclocks. The clocks set themselves to the correct time automatically and can also be monitored remotely. Connected over the LAN / WAN and powered with PoE (Power over Ethernet), these clocks require no additional infrastructure, making the installation inexpensive and allowing for easy repositioning.
  • Two-Wire clocks, with no need of any adjustments for absolute time on the slave clocks. The self setting time code is featured with permanent power supply for the analogue clocks. There is no need of additional wiring for power (Digital clocks may require additional power supply). The two-wire installation is simple and cost-effective, with a free topology. Utilizing the self-setting time code, hundreds of clocks can be synchronized from one master clock via a two-wire cable.

If you want to learn more about time synchronization solutions and products in healthcare, please visit our Application Healthcare page.