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2 reasons why accurate time systems are fundamtenal

Schematic illustration of MOBATIME's railway application systems
Application note for railways for an accurate time. MOBATIME swiss time systems makes it possible!

Are you aware, synchronization of time systems plays a very significant role, if yes how?

Time synchronization systems play a crucial role in maintaining consistency between users. Synchronizing time systems ensures that all events occur simultaneously or at the same rate. It involves sharing resources without affecting each other and coordinating events to run different systems, devices or clocks simultaneously. This synchronization is especially crucial in complex technical systems such as transport, aviation and automation services, where all events must occur simultaneously to avoid inconvenience.

Apart from time display, various systems such as ticketing systems, paging systems, video surveillance, fire monitoring, operating theatres, alarm systems and electronic lock monitoring systems are highly dependent on the exact time provided by a central time server. MOBATIME specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of comprehensive time server solutions for all these critical applications – all from Switzerland!

How important is it to have precision in time systems?

High precision to within millisecond, microsecond or nanoseconds & maximum availability are key to various areas such as communication, automation, transmission, aviation, transportation, administration etc. These supply the timing & synchronization to all the different systems throughout the infrastructure by means of versatile interfaces such as time, pulse, phase & frequency.

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