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2 reasons why accurate time systems are fundamtenal.

time systems 

1. Are you aware, synchronization of time systems plays a very significant role, if yes how?

Yes, you will agree that Synchronization of time systems plays a very significant role to maintain the consistency among the users. Synchronization allows the operation of all the events to happen at the same time or rate. It is sharing of the resources without interference using mutual exclusion & coordination of events to operate various system, device or clock simultaneously. The technical systems in transport, aviation, automation services are extremely complex all the event must happen at the same time or rate to avoid any inconvenience.

In addition to the time display, the ticketing system, announcement system, video surveillance, fire monitoring, operating theaters, alarm systems, electronic lock monitors and other systems systems all rely on the time provided by the central time server. MOBATIME design, produce and supplies the complete time server solutions for all the necessary applications.

2. How important is it to have precision in time systems?

High precision to within millisecond, microsecond or nanoseconds & maximum availability are key to various areas such as communication, automation, transmission, aviation, transportation, administration etc. These supply the timing & synchronization to all the different systems throughout the infrastructure by means of versatile interfaces such as time, pulse, phase & frequency.

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