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What does DTS actually stand for?

DTS, application 

For over 15 years MOBATIME Swiss Time Systems has been using this abbreviation for its timeserver, masterclock and grandmaster synchronisation products. But what does it actually mean?

DTS is referred to as Distributed Time System. The functionalities are distributed in individual devices, these devices mounted where the time signal is needed for the application.

The network (LAN) is used as the connection between the DTS devices by using protocols such as NTP or PTP. Two-wire or special interfaces are used for distributing the time, pulse and frequency synchronisation to the slave applications. With MOBA-NMS – (Network Management System) or SSH (Secure Shell) the DTS devices can be operated, supervised and maintained centralized via the network.

The DTS concept with the possibility to use DTS devices in a combination or individually allows a flexible and cost-effective solution for different applications.