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Improve quality and accuracy with Multi-GNSS receiver – GNSS 4500.


Upgrade your existing or new time systems with MOBATIME Multi-GNSS receiver GNSS 4500 to improve quality and accuracy. With our GNSS 4500 receiver it is possible to achieve better accuracy & the best possible consistency using rigorous multi-GNSS analysis performed by processing the observations from different GNSS together in one common parameter estimation procedure. Meanwhile, an efficient multi-GNSS real-time precise positioning service system is designed and demonstrated by using the Multi-GNSS Experiment, Experimental Tracking Network, and International GNSS Service networks including stations all over the world.

Multi-constellation makes it possible to access more satellites with one receiver. In addition to the standard GPS signal, it is now possible to access other GNSS signals like GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou as well as other regional systems. This improves the accuracy and reception, as there is more coverage due to the multi-constellation. In multi-constellation mode, more satellites are visible and can be used, which increases overall stability. Through an improved algorithm, the receiver selects the best option of signals.

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