Master Clocks and Clocks for Ships & Harbours

High degree of reliablitiy and availability is a must for time distribution systems. The navigation and communication services must have an accurate time. Displaying the correct time for passengers, hospitality staff and ships crew is also essential at every large cruise ships or harbours.

Ships & Harbours

Why is accurate time important on ships and in harbours?

Ships, freighters and harbours depend on the time for their proper operation. For cruise ships that cross several time zones, the local time should be regularly adjusted. The Time Zone Management on the Timeserver/Masterclock must be simple and shall provide the LTC (Local Time Coordinate) as well as the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

What are the benefits of accurate time?

  • Supply the time to all the different subsystems throughout the ships, including time display and IT Networks, PABX, fire alarm and access control systems.
  • High degree of reliability and availability may be requested to avoid any loss of synchronization.
  • Practically all the clocks in each corridor, staff rooms, public ward and waiting lounge are in sync with one common source.

What are the MOBATIME Solutions to provide accurate Time on ships and harbours?

1. NTP Synchronization for Network Systems

  • Utilizing Network Time Protocol (NTP) all the sub system such as CCTV, IT, Access Control etc. and hundreds / thousands of NTP slave clocks can be synchronized from one timeserver linked to a network.
  • Through the use of redundant NTP, in the event of a GPS failure, an automatic switch between master and slave status can take place that can ensure increased availability and security of the time system.

2. Slave Clocks Synchronization

  • NTP Network analogue and digital clocks are perfectly suited for the surrounding of a ship or harbours and can be synchronized with any of our Time server or Master clocks. The clocks set themselves to the correct time automatically and can also be monitored remotely. Connected over the LAN / WAN and powered with POE (Power over Ethernet), these clocks require no additional infrastructure, making the installation inexpensive and allowing for easy repositioning.
  • Two-Wire clocks, with no need of any adjustments for absolute time on the slave clocks. The self-setting time code is featured with permanent power supply for the analogue clocks. There is no need of additional wiring for power (Digital clocks may require additional power supply). The two-wire installation is simple and cost-effective, with a free topology. Utilizing the self-setting time code, hundreds of clocks can be synchronized from one master clock via a two-wire cable.

Which products are ideal for ships or harbour environment?

1. Time Server / Master Clocks

With our time server / master clocks you are able to synchronize all clocks as well as your network in the whole infrastructure. To gain high availability a redundant Time system may be considered.

You want to synchronize all clocks and at the same time your network via NTP, we recommend the following product:

You want to synchronize your clocks with a self-setting code but your Network with NTP, we recommend the following product:

You want to configure supervise & maintain all time server / master clock and NTP slave clock from one single location, all you need is MOBA NMS and STC.

2. Time Display / Analogue and digital clocks

We offer a wide range of products for analogue and digital clocks. The high quality of our products offerts you the security to purchase a time display that requires little maintenance and avoids subsequent investements.

Clocks for Corridors, waiting rooms, offices and comando bridges

Clocks for outdoor use in ships or marine environment:

What Differentiates MOBATIME From Others?

  • MOBATIME products are successfully deployed in worldwide projects with 100% satisfaction.
  • We’re chosen because we provide a complete solution which includes but not limited to just supply of competent time servers, slave clocks / standalone clocks and accessories but also essential services and support system after sales
  • Our products are particularly well known for
    • Our time servers come with an industry leading specification and quality.
    • Our wide range of analogue clocks and digital clocks suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment with various synchronization mode such as NTP, self-setting code, wireless, standalone, etc.
  • All our products are of good quality and are made in Switzerland and EU countries. We deliver what we promise.
  • Our values drive us and we are present within your location either directly or through our partners and can extend our best support online or onsite in line with the customer requirement.
  • At last, we would like to add that knowing our time systems are improving the timekeeping of the application areas: Railways, Airports, Hospitals, Banks, Telecom, Power utilities, Industry, Institutions and Ships. We feel motivated by improving & investing for a better customer experience.