Time Change 2023: Why it is made and how to remember it easily

Time Change 2023

🕑 Are you aware, Daylight Saving Time (DST) changeover is scheduled on 25.03.2023. 02:00 am UTC.

🔍 Did you know, transition to DST may temporarily increase the risk of heart attacks? Due to the body's internal clock (circadian rhythm), which can be disrupted by the sudden shift in time, leading to changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and other physiological processes, however overall risk of heart attack associated with DST is relatively small, and the effects are usually short-lived as per a study conducted years ago.

💡 With MOBATIME Synchronized Solutions, adjusting automatically the system clocks & display clocks, to match the changing periods of daylight during the year, is no any problem. Moreover, with our solution, you can take advantage of Energy Conservation & Increased Productivity.

Stay healthy and enjoy the extra daylight!

To help you remember the time change and always know if your clock is set correctly, we have a mnemonic for you:

In the spring, the garden furniture is put BEFORE the door and in the fall it is put BACK. This means that the clock must be set FORWARD in the spring and BACK in the fall.

Always on time, with MOBATIME!

This biannual event could add significant maintenance costs if you have clocks located throughout your building and are mounted in hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to our precise and reliable clock systems, this task is eliminated. Our master clocks or time servers, which are synchronized by GNSS systems, take over this task for you and automatically change the time of your clocks and IT networks.

We have clever solutions available if you are interested in trouble-free and maintenance-free timekeeping to increase your productivity and reduce costs simultaneously.

The simplest NTP solution for synchronizing the network equipment and the clocks with a self-setting time code. 4801's are equipped with crystal oscillators to provide time & pulse solutions supporting synchronization using the Global Positioning System for a small or mid-infrastructure network.

Elegant and very slim digital clocks for displaying time and date. High protection degree IP54 as standard for all versions. 7-segment LED displays of high luminance provide excellent readability from various angles.

It is a primary reference time clock (PRTC) and PTP grandmaster according to IEEE 1588-2008 / PTPv2, with IEEE 1588-2019 / PTPv2.1 compatibility, for the synchronization of highly accurate clients.

This clock comes in a modern and slim design. Double-sided clocks consist of two single-sided clocks assembled together by a bracket for ceiling or wall mounting.


Over the years, the brand MOBATIME has established itself in public transportation systems worldwide. We are one of the leading companies manufacturing products for time synchronization and time display in the public transport sector.